What type of artwork do I need?

We understand that not everyone has their own artwork studio to create their artwork and that sometimes the best you have is just a sketch on a piece of paper. However in a perfect world all the artwork sent to us would be in Vector Format with all fonts converted to outlines, any colors would have their Pantone references included and it would be in an Ai, EPS or PDF Format.

If you are unable to supply your artwork in this format, or don't even know what we're talking about don't worry. We do have access to artwork studios and we can help you with any problems you may have, and if needed we can even do it for you (some services will incur extra charges).

What is an Overrun or Under run?

Most manufacturers will produce an extra 5 - 10 % of the items ordered to account for possible print issues. In most cases the customer is responsible for the cost of the extra pieces. An underrun is the rare case in which fewer items are produced.

Why a Minimum Order?

Most printers will set a minimum number of custom items to make sure the job is profitable.

Why Set-up Charges & How Do I Do A Rush Order?

The printing of a logo on an item may require the production of many custom items that may not be used again.

What if I need my item by a certain date?

Be sure to let the us know you have a drop dead date. If the request is not outrageous it will accommodated provided you are willing to pay for the cost of a rush order and or expedited freight.

Why Should I consider Promotional Products?

Why does anyone utilize Promotional Products - the exposure and advertising. Promotional Products are not just for trade show?  Since just about any item can be embossed with a logo it is worth taking a look at all of your regular purchases and see what could be personalized. Packaging and office products you order regularly can often present logos and messages without any significant cost increase, watch for closeouts that may even reduce the costs. This is where a close relationship with your Promotional Products dealer can be beneficial. Don't forget customer giveaways that are functional and keep your logo in the customers view. Refrigerator magnets with important numbers, mouse pads with menus are all in constant view.

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